10 Tips for Waterfowl Hunting for Upcoming Season in Arkansas

Arkansas Guided Waterfowl Hunts

Hunting is an extreme sport, and it requires a lot of equipment when you go out and make your kill. It would be best if you considered buying many things necessary for your hunting trip, but it can be overwhelming for a newcomer.

And you might think that buying everything will blow your budget, but choosing the ones that are essential while you make sure it doesn’t hurt your pocket is a trick you still need to learn.

Getting essentials for hunting is not an easy task; this blog is made for all those new beginners who like to go on hunts with all the necessities without burning a hole in their pocket. Keep reading to know more!

1. Hunting Chest Waders  

When you are going for a hunt in the winter season, you’ll need hunting chest waders to keep yourself warm in the chilly weather. When thinking about essentials for your upcoming duck hunting, you should consider chest waders just after your shotguns and shells, as it is one of the necessities for your hunting trip.

2. Waterfowl Fleece-lined full zip Jacket

One of the essentials you need to pick out while going hunting along with your waders is a full–zip jacket which can also be used as an extra layer at the end of the season. One of the benefits of this jacket is the fleeced- lining and the marsh pattern that can help keep yourself hidden and warm in the chilly winter weather.

3. Oversized Mallard Decoys 

While going for waterfowl hunting, decoys are one of the most critical initial investments you should make if you are serious about this sport. It is one of the significant investments you can make while going for the hunt, and they stay intact and last even longer than you can imagine. If you want to make your hunting trip successful and make a kill, then buying half a dozen of decoys with weights is a good idea, and you would be good to go!

4. Kayaks & Canoes 

When you think about going on hunts, some people like to go in groups, and some like to go alone; either way, you can get yourself a canoe or a kayak to make your hunting experience more exciting. Kayak and canoes are essential gear for your hunting trip, and it has ultimate benefits as you can quickly go to remote creeks and ponds. You can store whatever you need in the boat as it offers plenty of space for storing gear. You can get it colored in the desert storm, which can help keep yourself hidden. When it comes to waterfowl hunting, kayaks and canoes play a significant role in your successful hunting trip. Many Guided Waterfowl Hunts in Arkansas find it better to go for hunts on a canoe or a kayak.

5. Life Jacket 

When you go out on waterfowl hunting, it’s an extreme sport, and you need to be very careful about everything. You need to ensure that if there is an accident, you will have all the gear to survive and save yourself. And having a life jacket is one of the essentials you should carry with you while going on a duck hunting trip.

6. Blind Bag 

When you are on the hunt, you need a place to store your small essential stuff like your license, wallet, shells, calls, thermos, and much more. And that’s where people neglect the need for a blind bag that can store all this stuff for you in one place.

7. Hunting Face Mask 

It would be best if you were adequately concealed while on a hunt. It would be best if you had a facemask to conceal yourself from the prey while you make your move. There is no better way to have a successful kill than concealing your face and observing your prey before the hunt. You can find a face mask at Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters.

8. Gloves 

When going for hunts in the winter season, you need to ensure that you are fully covered and warm to get the most out of your trip. You will need waterproof decoy gloves for setting up your decoys and motoring out to the hunting spot. You can also have fingerless mittens that are perfect while shooting targets.

The Bottom Line 

The waterfowl hunting season in Arkansas is here, and to ensure that you are ready to go, there is no better list than this that you can find on the internet to help you with the essentials!