4 Facts About Sexual Dysfunction in Men


Sexual dysfunction is a common health condition that most men suffer from. As per a study, about 52% of men have erectile dysfunction, with the risk increasing when they reach their 40s. Fortunately, sexual dysfunction treatment in Arizona focuses on finding the underlying cause of the issue and reversing or treating it.

Sexual dysfunction is still considered taboo, and most men hesitate to discuss it. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of it. It is a common health condition that can be treated by a male sexual dysfunction doctor in Arizona.

We bring you the top four facts about male sexual dysfunction that everyone must know:

It Might be the Sign of Cardiovascular or Other Health Conditions

If you have experienced a change in your ejaculation, erection, or libido for several months now, you must immediately contact a male sexual dysfunction doctor in Arizona. It can be a sign of severe health conditions, such as:

  • An issue with the erection can indicate prostate cancer or cardiovascular issues.
  • Erection or libido problems can be due to hormonal imbalance.
  • A change in erection or libido is often the first sign of diabetes.
  • You might be suffering from early ejaculation due to nerve damage, medication, or other direct urinary conditions.

Erectile Dysfunction can be Easily Treated

One of the misconceptions associated with erectile dysfunction is that it is a part of growing old, and men should learn to live with it.

Erectile dysfunction is a health condition that the sexual dysfunction treatment in Arizona can easily treat. GAINSWAVE Testosterone replacement therapy and Priapus Shot are two medical breakthroughs that have made it possible for men to live without these health conditions.

Your Lifestyle can be the Reason

Your lifestyle significantly influences your health, especially sexual health. For instance:

  • Obesity is often the cause of the erection problems.
  • Smoking and overconsumption of alcohol are generally linked to erectile dysfunction.

Take charge of your health by quitting smoking and cutting back on alcohol.

Your Mental Health and Sexual Health are Correlated

Mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric illness are often related to many sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Your sexual health can be improved by addressing and managing depression and anxiety.

The Bottom Line

Sexual dysfunction is a treatable health condition that most men suffer from. It can be a sign of underlying other health conditions, and thus, you must immediately connect with an expert.