9 Most Popular rooftop restaurant in Adelaide (2023)

rooftop restaurants in Adelaide

Adelaide may not be renowned as a city of firsts in Australia, but it is. Adelaide’s rooftop bars are wonderful, combining glittering skyline views with panoramic views of the ocean. Adelaide boasts pubs that will have you singing from the rooftops from the city centre to the suburbs. 

Some are classy and elegant, while others are more casual. In either case, the emphasis is on the great outdoors and South Australian-inspired food and drink. There are numerous possibilities for enjoying some sunshine or moonlight with the company. Here are a few that you might enjoy.

1. Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo puts Market Street, a modest side street off Gouger Street in the CBD, on the map. It’s a few minutes’ walk from the Central Markets and the city’s increasingly vibrant Chinatown. It remains open on public holidays despite the city’s reputation for being notoriously silent. The rooms are small, but the space is well-used. 

Corner rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Adelaide and its beaches. It’s a great spot to see the sunrise or sunset, especially from its comfortable red velvet daybed. Adelaide’s hotel offerings are improving, and IHG’s pick of Adelaide as its first entry into the market is exciting. 

This is a modern and reasonably priced alternative in the city centre, with a decent restaurant, pool, and rooftop bar. However, it will take a lot of work to overcome as it is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Adelaide.

2. Mayfair Hotel Hennessy Lounge

Adelaide’s Mayfair Hotel has shaken up the luxury hotels in Adelaide scene. It has

  •       modern interior spaces
  •       personalized service
  •       amazing views of bustling Adelaide

3. Gallery

Gallery boasts a cool rooftop bar on the third level between a coffee shop and an office building. Expect to see contemporary art on the walls, wooden bench tables, and stylish metal chairs. This section of Waymouth Street is densely populated with office employees, and tall office buildings dominate the vista.

4. Sôl Bar and Restaurant

This magnificent terrace is ideal for a drink by the river while admiring the sweeping views of the hills. Sôl Restaurant serves some of South Australia’s greatest vegetables and a fully plant-based menu.

5. 2KW Restaurant and Bar

2KW Bar and Restaurant is an award-winning venue perched on top of a historic building in the centre of Adelaide. It seeks to give the greatest food, beverages, and views. The inner restaurant has wide windows that open to the bright, airy outside terrace bar. This has wonderful views of Adelaide.

6. Rocket Rooftop

Rocket Rooftop is on the top floor of Crippen Place in Adelaide’s West End. It offers everything you might want in a rooftop restaurant in Adelaide:

  •       breathtaking views
  •       tropical moods
  •       a drink selection to last you well into the evening

7. Merrymaker Rooftop Bar

Merrymaker Rooftop Bar is on the sixteenth story of the luxury hotels in Adelaide Markets. The colourful and elegant terrace has fantastic views over the city skyline and the Adelaide Hills. It is the tallest of the rooftop pubs Adelaide has to offer.

8. The Verandah Bar

This place has a new all-weather Verandah area. So you can sip a cheeky cocktail while taking in the sweeping vistas and sounds of Adelaide’s lush cultural boulevard.

9. The Unley

The Unley, located on prominent Unley Road in Parkside, has multiple floors, a pleasant atmosphere, and superb food and drinks. The redesigned interior has a succession of open and free-flowing sections. I have modern styling and furniture that lead up to the stunning and colourful rooftop.

The magnificent views of Adelaide have a magical effect on them. As you glance out into the distance, it gives you a sensation of ecstasy. With so many great spots to drink in the city, what better place than a rooftop? There are numerous possibilities for enjoying some sunshine or moonlight with the company.