Air Freight Services: Everything You Should Know


Over the years, shipping transportation techniques have gone through drastic changes. Shippers whose businesses require faster transit times to deliver high-value goods or perishable goods rely on air freight services.

Although air freight has been around for about a century, the recent technological advancements have made airfreight the preferred choice of business owners for delivering high-value goods.

However, the benefits of air freight are not just limited to delivering goods at high speed; there are a series of benefits that makes it a preferred choice in many industries like automotive, interior design, electronics, construction, and more.

So, What is Air Freight?

Air freight is the shipping method to deliver high-value products or goods from one place to another via charter or a commercial air carrier. Most companies transport their air cargo to Nigeria or other countries by hiring a freight forwarder or a logistics company.

Air freight is relatively more expensive than ocean freight and requires shippers to follow a specific set of rules and regulations to transport goods. To import heavy loads of items for businesses, freight forwarding companies manage and deliver the air cargo both locally and internationally.

Not just that, many freight forwarding companies also offer container shipping to Nigeria at affordable prices.

Delivering products via air freight comes with several different options, including :

Consolidated Freight – It is a logistics practice in which several small shipments combine into one large shipment.

Back to Back or Direct Services – It is the process of delivering goods directly from the supplier to the customer.

Charter Services – This process involves renting out freight planes to transport large volumes of goods or oversized cargo.

Understanding the Importance of Air Freight Services

Shippers choose air freight when they need to send a lower volume of high-value goods in a short period of time. According to IATA, air cargo plays a critical role in supporting the global economy and providing employment to millions of people across the globe.

In fact, it is considered the backbone of the global economy as it ensures the faster delivery of high-value products to consumers globally.

As per IATA, the US $6 trillion worth of goods is transported via air annually, representing around 35% of world trade by value. The volume of demand and goods transported by air have witnessed an exponential rise.

In addition to the most commonly known benefit of high speed, there are several other reasons why choosing air freight Service can be beneficial for your business, such as :

Legal Compliance

Taking care of all documentation and paperwork on your own can be a daunting task. Mistakes may result in unwanted delays or financial penalties. That’s why it’s essential to rely on someone who is experienced and knowledgeable.

When you hire air freight service, the highly experienced crew effectively manages legal and regulatory fulfillments requirements to deliver the products internationally.

Outsourcing Experience

Hiring air freight services helps your business with their invaluable outsourcing expertise. Sea freight can be confusing as it requires special handling of customs arrangements, contractual fine print, etc. Having someone knowledgeable by your side makes the process simple and transparent and results in long-term success.

Top-notch Security

For air freight services, the security of your freight is of utmost priority. This means your shipments will be handled with extra care and precision. The officers at the airport carefully monitor the cargo arriving at the airport. So your shipments will be less likely to face stealing or theft in the airport.

End-to-End Services

If your company ships high-value or time-sensitive commodities like new-to-market smartphones, seafood, flowers, and pharmaceuticals., then opting for air freight services can be the best option.

Air freight services offer a wide range of services to meet the various needs of their customers, ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your package.

In simpler words, shipments that include perishable and sensitive goods are simply in the safer hands when you hire air freight services.

The Bottom Line

More and more Shippers are now relying on air freight services for their shipping needs. Hiring a professional air freight service provider helps you reap maximum benefits and add more value to your business. If you looking for a trusted way to deliver your air cargo from Houston to Nigeria, air freight is the way to go!