Applications of Reclaimed Wood


It’s the 20th century and the world seeks to not only protect its rich forest heritage but also look for how to recycle the wood already harvested. This is why we have reclaimed wood in use today. But what exactly is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been used for a previous purpose and has now been torn down and prepared for an entirely different purpose. Contrary to what you may think, reclaimed woods are scarce and also expensive due to the high demand they have in the market.

But what exactly can anyone do with reclaimed wood?

1. Reclaimed Woods are used for Aesthetic Designs

Due to its charm and old feel, reclaimed wood is quite suitable for aesthetic minimalistic kinds of designs. Nowadays, it is easy to spot reclaimed redwood fence boards being used for a variety of interior and exterior designs.

2. Reclaimed Woods can be used to Make Furniture

From interior furniture to exterior furniture, reclaimed wood can be used in making chairs, tables and stools to mention but a few. Being far tougher than fresh wood, reclaimed wood can last longer against the elements when used for outdoor furniture. To get a suitable reclaimed wood for this purpose, you can simply search the internet for reclaimed redwood for sale.

3. Reclaimed Woods can be Used for Flooring

As anyone would expect, good flooring should stand the test of time. Reclaimed woods are already seasoned by the elements which make them durable and also suitable for flooring. If you’d like one with good aesthetics, then you should go for Reclaimed Redwood Fence Boards which can be converted and prepared for flooring purposes

4. Reclaimed Woods can be used for Fence Boards

The last thing anyone wants, are fence boards that tend to collapse when there’s a change in the weather. With reclaimed woods, you wouldn’t have to worry about this as most reclaimed woods have been thoroughly seasoned by the weather. To find a suitable reclaimed wood that is not only tough but suitable, you can search for reclaimed redwood for sale on the internet.


Other applications of reclaimed wood include decks, garden boundaries, exterior siding, bedroom accent walls and so many more. Now, it is safe to say reclaimed woods are simply seasoned and tougher woods which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Want to do some woodwork? Why not try reclaimed wood.