Your wedding dress is an essential thing you’ll wear on your big day. It’s one of the first things people glimpse about you and the most visible part of your outfit. What do you want your wedding dress to say about you? What do you want it to say about your relationship? If a belt or sash is right for you, then knowing what each accessory adds to your outfit is essential.

The most important thing when choosing an accessory is whether or not it will complement your dress. Do they go together well? Do bridal belt white opals go with the dress? Read on to know what you should choose between a belt or sash.

Bridal Sashes

A sash is an elegant way to tie up your dress, but you may want to consider whether it works with your particular gown. If you have a long train, it could be too long to wrap around your waist. A sash also tends to be more formal than a belt, so if you’re wearing something more casual on your big day, then go for the latter.

Bridal Belt

A belt wraps around the hips and can be used as an alternative to a sash when planning your special day. This type of accessory adds a lot more versatility than its cousin and can be worn with any dress you own.

Here are a few helpful tips about wearing a belt or a sash on your special day:

Choosing a belt or sash is entirely up to the personal choice. You should consider some important things when choosing a sash or belt.

  • Wearing a belt or sash that has been made from scratch is much more personal, and you won’t get the same level of satisfaction from having it altered. If you buy one, make sure it’s made with good materials and fits well.

  • Keep the length of your dress in mind when planning out how long to let the waistband hang below your hips. You don’t want your dress to be too long for your partner, but you also don’t want it so short that it’s uncomfortable for you to wear either.

  • Wearing the belt should be comfortable for you. It is also important that the sash doesn’t ride up or down your back as you walk (unless you are wearing a long dress). The sash should be tied tightly enough so that it doesn’t slip down around your legs when you walk or sit down.

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  • If your dress is fitted at the waist and hips and has a train, then make sure that there is not too much fabric bunched in one place (like under one arm) because this can cause unattractive wrinkles in the fabric of the dress.


One of the most significant accessories for your wedding dress is the belt or sash. It can be used to accentuate the shape of your waist and add drama. If there is still something you are looking to add to your look, then you can buy a bridal pear-shaped drop necklace. Take a visit to A-Z Bridal for the wide selection of wedding dresses.