Buyer Guide For 100% Natural Deodorant


People are becoming more conscious about their bodies, skin, and health. It is one of the reasons why they are switching to organic and natural products. Skincare products crafted from natural ingredients are gentler and nourish your skin. Natural deodorant for women and men is no different.

Finding a natural deodorant that works for you is not as easy as many think. Many manufacturers label their products as ‘natural.’ However, should you buy the best deodorant for men and women based on the word ‘organic or natural’ mentioned on the label? Of course not!

We bring you the top nine factors to consider before purchasing a natural deodorant for men and women.

Check Out the Key Ingredients Used in the Natural Deodorant

While searching for the natural deodorant for women and men, ensure that it is 100% crafted from natural ingredients, sourced from flowers, fruits, trees, plants, and inert materials such as clay.

The natural deodorant should be free from synthetic toxins and chemicals, such as,





These toxins can interfere with your hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. It can also promote cancer cell growth, affect fetal development, or impair fertility.

You can easily find the key ingredients of the natural deodorant on the back of the packaging. If you don’t know about any mentioned ingredient, you can always look it up on the internet.

Prefer Natural Deodorant with Botanic Essential Oils

The best deodorant for men and women must contain active essential oil such as witch hazel, coconut, eucalyptus, rosemary, or tea tree as an ingredient. These essential oils add a natural fragrance to your deodorant and fight bacteria.

A high-quality natural deodorant will contain one or two essential oil.

The Fragrance Should Be Natural

The natural deodorant for men and women should have a natural fragrance. Most the natural deodorants have a scent of:




Tea Tree











Choose an essence that stays longer.

Pick Alcohol-Free and Aluminium-Free Natural Deodorant

Aluminum and alcohol are the two common ingredients in every antiperspirant. It blocks the sweat glands and interferes with the body’s natural cooling process. As per some studies, aluminum can also be linked to Alzheimer’s, tumors, and DNA mutations.

The Ingredient Used in the Natural Deodorant to Fight the Odor

The main job of every deodorant is to shield you from body odor. The commercial deodorant and anti-perspirant use acid-based ingredients and alcohol to protect you from body odor. However, these chemicals are harmful to your skin.

The 100% natural deodorant uses naturally derived ingredients to fight the body odor, such as:

Essential oil

Kaolin Clay

Arrowroot Powder

Corn Starch

Baking Soda

These ingredients do not have any side effects and offer long-lasting protection from body odor.

Check Whether the Natural Deodorant is Dermatologically Tested and Approved

Another factor to consider, while shopping for a natural deodorant is that it should be dermatologically tested and approved.

When you buy a natural deodorant that has been tested and approved by a dermatologist, you can be confident that you are using a product that will have no side-effect on your skin.

Stay Away From Natural Deodrant That Stains

Many aluminum-free natural deodorants may cause white stains on your underarms and clothes. Thus, before purchasing a natural deodorant, ensure that it is not staining.

Purchase a Smooth and Long-Lasting Natural Deodorant

One of the key qualities of premium natural deodorant is that it will smoothly glide on your underarms. Moreover, it should have a long-lasting effect. Some of the top natural deodorants offer 24 hours long protection.

Go Through Their Online Review

The demand for natural deodorants has seen a spike in the last few years. As a result, more and more skincare brands add this natural product to their collection.

Before you trust a brand to meet your requirement, research it online and browse through customer reviews. It will help you get insight into the product quality and customer experience.

The Bottom Line

Natural deodorant should be your next buy if you strive to live an eco-friendly and organic lifestyle. Before you add a product to your shopping cart, consider the above factors. Remember, you might experience a transition period of 2 to 3 weeks after switching to the natural deodorant for the first time.