Common Washer And Dryer Problems And How To Deal With Them


The way we dress is a representation of our personality. As a result, we all like to dress sharply and avoid wearing dirty clothes. However, it gets tiresome to do laundry regularly in today’s fast-paced world. The introduction of the washer and dryer has significantly improved our laundry experience. These pieces of equipment are a great time saver and provide us with cleaner clothes without much of a hassle. However, when the washer stops cleaning the clothes properly or the dryers leave your dress wet, it is advised to call in a service for appliance repair in Atlanta. One can look for “dryer repair Atlanta” or “Washer repair Atlanta” and find a list of some of the best service providers for appliance repair in Atlanta.

Washers and dryers are considered heavy-duty appliances regularly used in every household. Therefore, it is quite common for them to run into trouble if not taken care of regularly. One can not entirely prevent the need for a professional service for dryer or washer repair in Atlanta. However, keeping a few things in mind can help prevent the need for professional appliance repair in Atlanta. Let us look at some of the common Dryers and Washers problems and how one can deal with them.

Common Washer Problems

As the name suggests, washers are for washing clothes. They are responsible for providing us with cleaner clothes; however, just like any other piece of equipment, these devices too can malfunction from time to time. Some of the common washers problems are-

#1- Excessive noise

Washers are generally prone to making a little noise; however, if the noise suddenly increases, there could be many factors at play. A few of the common culprits are coins and debris, which get stuck between the outer tub and drum and start making noises. Sometimes, any part of the washer might get loose, which can cause excessive noise. As the washers get old, it is good to call in a professional washer repair in Atlanta from time to time and get it checked.

#2-Excessive vibration

A little vibration can be expected from the washers. However, if there is a sudden increase in the vibration, there can be many reasons at play. First and foremost, one should check if the surface is leveled or not. Furthermore, sometimes due to overload suspension system gets damaged. It, too, can result in excessive vibration.

#3- No spinning

Another common trouble one can run with a washer is when the spinner stops spinning. It is generally an indication of a faulty motor. Besides this, a clogged pump filter or worn-out motor’s carbon brushes can also prevent washers from spinning properly. In this scenario, it is a good idea to call in a professional appliance repair service to look into it and repair it with efficiency.

Common dryers Problems

Once the clothes are cleaned, dryers come into play. Thanks to this piece of equipment, we don’t have to wait much for cleaner and dryer clothes. However, these heavy-duty machines are prone to malfunction. Let us look at some of the common dryer problems.

#1- Loud noise or vibration

Just like washers, dryers vibrate and generate noise to some extent; however, if these vibrations or noise increases suddenly, it might be the indication of some issue. A few reasons for the sudden increase in noise and vibration are loose bearings, uneven dryer layer, or any other loose or broken parts. A dryer generally consists of various parts that move at high speed. Therefore, if any part gets loose, it can result in a thumping noise or increased vibration. It is crucial to call in a professional dryer repair in Atlanta to avoid further damage.

#2-Clothes not drying properly

The purpose of a dryer is to provide us with clean and dry clothes, and if the clothes are not drying properly, it can be a major problem. There could be many factors at play; therefore, calling in a professional service for dryer repair in Atlanta is the best choice. They can quickly analyze the underlying issue and deal with it as efficiently as possible.

Washers and dryers are the essential home appliance that makes our day-to-day lives much easier. Therefore, it is a good idea to know some of the common problems that one can run into while using these appliances. By doing so, one can analyze the situation quickly and take necessary measures to deal with the situation as efficiently as possible.