Different Ways to Take a Dab


When you hear dab, your mind may go to the signature dance move that went viral a few years back; however, this means another thing entirely in the weed’s culture. Dabbing is a way of consuming a high concentration of THC and has been growing in popularity recently.

Most people are confused about how to smoke a dab while there is no special way about it, you still need to get it right. But before you truly understand how to take a dab, you need to be familiar with the term.

What is a Dab?

Dabs are THC concentrates extracted from cannabis. Their concentration could vary depending on the method of extraction. You will find dabs in many forms, with the most popular one being butane honey oil.

Below are the many forms in which you will find the dab concentrates


Oils are one of the most common forms you will find in these concentrates. They typically come in pre-filled cartridges or dab rigs. Oils concentrates are effective. Moreover, they are one of the purest forms of concentrates and come in different flavors. Most oil concentrates are extracted using carbon dioxide.


Waxes may not be as popular as oil, but they are slightly more concentrated. One of the reasons why waxes are not common is due to their crumbly nature. Although, how crumbly they depend on the consistency of the product itself.


It might look like wax at first glance but is actually the most concentrated form of the concentrate. Distillates are pure and the closest to pure THC.

How to Take a Dab

There is no special way to take a dab; however, there are still different dabbing methods you can use. Traditionally, taking a dab involves heating a nail to a certain temperature. Once the temperature is attained, you can apply the dab to the nail using a dabbing tool and begin inhaling.

Dabbing is often mistaken for smoking, but in the real sense, they are different. One of the differentiating factors is the products they are produced from and their equipment. While smoking can be taken from the wrap, dabbing requires special equipment.

Some of the equipment includes a Nectars collector, dab rigs, vaporizers, and Electric nails. The best equipment depends on your preference and how you like to dab.

Different Dabbing Method

While there are essentially three dabbing methods, they are not limited to it. There are a few modifications that may come with them.

Standard Dabbing Method

This is the most popular among the three dabbing methods. The process is easy and straightforward, although you can modify it depending on your preference.

Slurper method

This involves the use of special equipment called “TerpSlurper.” It is modified from a traditional banger but with a middle cylinder that has a slit to control airflow. Their unique airflow characteristics make it easy for air to flow through the oil rather than float over it.

Cold Start Method

Normally, you will have to heat the nail surface before adding the dab; however, the reverse is the case in the cold start method. People prefer this method because it preserves the integrity of the dab.

It prevents the terpenes and cannabinoids from getting compromised, which may be the case when you dab directly from a heated surface.

How to smoke a bong

Bongs are closely similar to dabbing and may even contain similar steps. How to smoke a bong is an easy process, although many may find it confusing if you are doing it for the first time.

You can smoke a bong with the following step

  • Fill the bong with water. The amount of water depends on the size of the bong you are using.
  • Add your ground cannabis to the funnel-shaped bong bowl. Ensure that it is half-filled and not tightly packed.
  • With the aid of a lighter, light the cannabis and start inhaling.


Regardless of why you want to dab, it is not a difficult process. Although there are different ways to it, they all stem from one original process. Bongs are dabs similar with only slight variations. But in the end, they are used for only one purpose – to consume THC products.