DIY Tips for a Professional Headshot Photograph


A professional headshot adds a face to your profile. You can use a professional headshot to increase your search visibility for recruiters or gain recognition in the business world. A professional headshot can be used in a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or on your business website. But how can you get a professional headshot? There are two options, either you can hire a professional or try it yourself. This guide will help you to execute the DIY process successfully and benefit from hiring a professional. In the end, you will get to know what can be a suitable option to get a headshot.

Here are some points that can help you sail through the execution process for DIY easily-

  1. Prepare for your photoshoot

Start your preparation for the photoshoot early because you can’t get the glow instantly on your face on the shoot day. Take care of your skin, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and follow your skincare routine. Most importantly, take enough rest the night before the shoot to get rid of eye bags and dull looks.

Your photoshoot may take effort and energy; make sure you are ready for the day. Also, select your dress and accessories in advance to avoid the last-minute mess. Understand that professional headshot photography is about reflecting your commitment and seriousness for work. Hence, it is important to keep your outfit professional.

  1. Simple background

Most modern business headshot photographers in Phoenixville, PA, suggest avoiding the busy background in the headshot because it may distract the viewers. A simple background may contain solid color, a brick wall, or anything with less pattern. These are some basic rules for a headshot. A patterned background, quote, or a structure in the background can pull the attention from your face to the background, and this may harm your reputation. Because you are doing DIY, you may not have a studio. However, you can find a space in your home or at your friend’s home with a calm background. You can also use a backdrop curtain to create a uniform background.

Take advantage of the natural light source. If you have never experienced photographing, handling artificial lights can be tricky. That’s why trying to take the help of natural light can be a good idea. You can stand close to windows, doors, or in a space where you get the maximum natural light. The idea is to minimize the use of artificial lights. Please keep in mind that natural light should not produce an unnecessary shadow on your face. You have to ensure that your face should be clearly visible on the headshot. If your face is overlit or hidden by shadow, it can cause distraction.

  1. Use a rear-facing camera

Are you using a smartphone to capture your headshot? Capturing a headshot from a smartphone can give a selfie look in your headshot. That’s not a professional headshot. A smartphone captures a bulgy face, and it is hard to get a decent picture. Instead, use a rear-facing camera to capture a good shot. You can rent or borrow a camera from your friend to accomplish your task. However, you must know how to handle a professional camera. Look out for some tutorials or seek suggestions from professionals for help.

  1. Use editing software

Professionals use editing tools to correct the photograph. You can use a free version of editing tools to correct brightness, lights, and other factors missing in your captured picture. The most important part of a headshot is your eyes. Take care that your eyes are clearly visible in the headshot after editing the picture.

Why hire a professional photographer?

DIY in a headshot is an interesting task. However, it may take time and effort to get one headshot. Trying out headshot photography, unless you have experience of the same, may not be a good idea. Instead, you can take help from professionals because they know how things work in a headshot.

Headshots are used for professional purposes, and you can put your reputation at stake. Therefore, you can look for a skilled photographer in Phoenixville. Professional headshot photography services in Phoenixville, PA, are available at an affordable price. You can research a bit to find the one who can fulfill your demands under your budget.