Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Damage to Your Cell Phone

iPhone water damage repairing

Liquid damage is one of the most common reasons many people take their phones for repair. You spilled water on your phone, or it just slipped out of your hands and fell into a sink. We have seen people take their phones to a repair shop because they went swimming and forgot their phone was in their pocket. We know all the liquid damage that has been done to your cell phone. 

For water damage, you should run for iPhone water damage repairing in Lakewood. Here we have discussed some quick points you need to make after water damage to your cell phone. Continue reading to know how you can get your cell phone repaired after water damage. 


What To Do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet 

The first thing is don’t panic. There are a lot of home cures out there that will not only dry out your phone, but they can actually damage it more than the liquid.

If your phone has inadvertently floated, do the following:

  1. Remove your phone from the liquid as soon as possible.
  2. If your phone is still on, turn it off. If it is off, do not attempt to turn it on.
  3. Hold your phone upright and gently move it from side to side. This will help you in draining the liquid from the bottom.
  4. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any visible moisture from your phone outside. 

At this point, we recommend you take your phone to the iPhone or ipad screen repair service center so that repair experts can safely examine your phone. They have specialized tools to safely disassemble your phone without damaging it and let you know if it can be repaired rather than needing to be replaced entirely.


Repairing Your Wet Phone At Home Is Dangerous 

We recommend you take your cell phone to the repair shop because of the serious risks of fixing a wet electronic device at home. Most people don’t have the proper knowledge and appropriate tools to repair their electronic devices in their homes. And if you use the wrong tool, that can damage your phone’s delicate components.


Don’t do these things in any circumstances( People actually do these things):

  • Dry your phone in the microwave
  • Don’t put your phone in the freezer 
  • Use a hair dryer to dry your water-damaged phone 
  • Put your phone near a radiator 
  • Put it in a rice bag (because it doesn’t help much) 


Rice Is For Eating, Not Repairing Liquid Damage To Your Cell Phone 

This may be the most popular home remedy for wet smartphone repair, but it doesn’t really work. When you put the phone in rice, it’s like doing nothing. It sounds like we are actively trying to do something. When a phone hits the water, corrosion occurs immediately. Sometimes water hits critical components, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you are able to resist turning the phone on in a rice bag, then sometimes you might get lucky, and your cell phone starts working again. 

Even if the phone is working again, it will have oxidized solder joints that are weak and brittle. Water will continue to spread inside the phone, and you will have to repair or replace it somehow. According to an experiment, rice is actually the worst household substance used to dry your phone. 


No Phone Is Really WaterProof 

If you bought your phone because it claims to be “waterproof,” you can check the fine print on your phone. Even with some company phone advertisements showing that people are using their phones underwater, the cellphone is not really waterproof. 

The claims of the phone being water resistant for some time in specific water depths can be confusing. The best way to sidestep damaging your phone with liquid is to assume it’s not waterproof. 


The Professional Can Help 

Once professionals get your wet cell phone, they will typically follow the steps to dry out your phone and repair it. Get in touch with Crackedmyphone for your iPhone battery replacement in Lakewood. They have been in business for years, and their expert team can solve all your smartphone problems.