How Do Car Appraisal Services Work?


In the world of automobiles, car appraisals help determine the market value of used cars rather than new ones. It considers the vehicle’s year, model, make, options, mileage, and scarcity and whether the car’s value is rising or falling in value in the current market. Depending on the values distinguished by an appraisal, a vehicle can be sold at retail or traded for an entirely new one. However, new cars may be easier to assign value to, and classic cars older than 20 years may be challenging to assign a value to.

A professional appraiser is needed who has specialized knowledge of your vehicle’s particular make or model. You can find professional appraisers online by searching, for example, Car appraisal Toronto Ontario if you reside in Toronto and search for car appraisal services or maybe Car appraisal Vaughan where you will be given a list of professional car appraiser services in the area. However, what exactly do car appraisers look for when determining your car’s valuation? Here are some things you need to know about car appraisers and how they determine your car’s value.

What is a car appraisal service?

It is a special type of service done to determine the value of your car for specific purposes such as selling or trading your car. Car appraisal services are far more detailed than a regular car inspection, and proper checks are done on your vehicle.

When you take your vehicle to undergo an appraisal, your car is assessed by an appraiser and assigned a market value. However, there are different appraisal services, and here is a look at some of the common types.

Types of Car Appraisals

Dealership appraisal

When you take your vehicle for a trade-in, your vehicle will receive a dealership appraisal. It is the type of car appraisal method used for those interested in trading.

Independent Private Appraisal

It is a type of car appraisal process where an independent private appraiser comes to inspect and assign a value to your vehicle. This method is used for those involved in a private vehicle transaction, either as the buyer or seller who needs to know the exact value of the vehicle.

Guidebook Appraisal

It is a type of car appraisal used to get a good estimate of the value of your vehicle. This appraisal can be performed using a guidebook such as the Kelly Blue Boo to estimate the value of your vehicle.

Lender Appraisal

It is a car appraisal method used when looking to get a loan for a vehicle purchase. The lender sends an appraiser to estimate the value of your vehicle.

What are the roles of vehicle appraisers?

The job of an appraiser is to assign value to your vehicle. An appraiser will perform a complete checklist of your vehicle, including everything from a visual inspection to an analysis of the vehicle’s interior component, odometer, and paperwork. An appraiser will then conduct a test drive and assign a value to your vehicle.

How do car appraisers inspect vehicles?

It is essential you know what car appraisers do when they inspect your vehicles. Here is what to expect from a car appraiser during your vehicle inspection.

Visual inspection of your car

The appraiser will first walk around the vehicle to identify any damages, including cracks, wear, and signs of an accident. They will also assess the condition of the tires. This visual inspection gives a first impression of the condition of your vehicle.

Checking the vehicle Paperwork, Mileage, & VIN Verification

After the visual inspection, the appraiser checks the vehicle maintenance records, registration, and tags. The appraiser will also check the mileage on the odometer.

Checks the vehicle interior and exterior

After ensuring that the vehicle paperwork is in place, the appraisal proceeds to check the vehicle’s interior and exterior components, including the vehicle door, lights, buttons, and trunks.

Conducts a test drive

After checking the state of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, the appraiser proceeds to conduct a test drive to check how the engine starts, shifting quality, acceleration, braking, and handling.

Estimation of the vehicle value

After the vehicle has been fully appraised, the vehicle value is calculated based on its condition and performance.

Whenever you want your vehicle appraised, ensure the appraisal company is licensed. For example, vehicle appraisal companies in Toronto are licensed by the Ministry of Transportation vehicle appraisal Toronto.