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Is Adult Day Care Beneficial for Your Loved One?


Adult day care centers provide a unique opportunity for your loved ones to socialize and be involved in activities they may not do at home. In care centers, healthcare professionals manage and oversee all programs to ensure that everyone can enjoy the activities and the ambiance while staying safe.

For those who stay at home and want to visit the day center, there is an option of adult day care transportation in Santa Rosa, CA, available. Many non-emergency medical transportation service providers specialize in providing transportation services to adult day care centers.

Safe Transportation Services for Your Loved One

What a transport service provider does has a beginning and an end. Providing adult day care transportation to senior adults helps families with other obligations such as school, work, and other responsibilities. The transportation service company customizes all pickup and drop-off times to assist families who have work responsibilities or other duties.

Vehicles used in this service are equipped with lifts and ramps to accommodate people in wheelchairs or can be used for handicap transportation in California. These drivers have extensive wheelchair training to provide a comfortable experience to their customers. Staff members are trained in CPR, first aid, and all adult day care in-services throughout the year to maintain their understanding of transportation.

Adult day care is a planned program of activities in a professional care setting customized for senior adults who require supervised care throughout the daytime or are lonely and unaccompanied. Adult day care centers enable senior citizens to meet people and enjoy planned activities in a group setting while still receiving essential health services. Plus, they relieve family caregivers from caregiving responsibilities while knowing that their loved one is in a safe place.

Care experts ensure that the care recipient will still receive appropriate care in a safe, friendly environment at an adult care center. Senior adults at the center begin their active day of activities. These centers usually operate five days a week during normal business hours, and some centers also provide extra services during evenings and weekends. At present, thousands of adult care programs and adult day care center transportation in Santa Rosa, CA, are operational.

Benefits & Services

When adult day care service works correctly, however, adult day care can improve a recipient’s complete behavior and provide much-needed time to the caregiver.

Typically, senior adults can benefit from adult day care center because:

This allows them to remain in their community while the caregiver goes to job.

It provides more fantastic structure to their daily activities

Adult day care gives them a break from the caregivers

It provides needed social interaction

Services provided by adult day care centers

The goals of a well-run Adult Day Care Center will focus on enriching the participants’ lives, building their skills and strengths, and providing lots of socialization. Each facility varies in terms of features. The services provided at the center may include:

Social activities. Organized activities are customized to the abilities and health wellness of the participants but may include things such as arts and crafts, musical entertainment, stimulating intelligence games, music contests, gentle exercises, group discussions, and other activities like reading books, watching movies, or current events, vacations and birthday celebrations, and some local outings.

Nutrition. Some Day care centers provide nutritious foods to senior people, including special diets with snacks.

Personal care. Staff members can help seniors with activities of daily living such as walking, grooming, feeding, and toilet cleaning.

Health services. These can range from medication delivery, blood pressure monitoring, vision checks, and hearing tests, for example, to symptom management and more intensive medical care or remedial services.

Transportation. Some adult day care centers provide adult day care transportation in Santa Rosa to and from the center and for any local outings.

Services for caregivers. Some centers may support groups for caregivers, provide counseling, support for care planning, and education associated with caregiving.