Know All About 3D Scanning and Its Types:

3D Scanning for VFX of Cars

3D scanning has had a huge impact in a lot of industries, may it be manufacturing, gaming, television shows, Movies, and even space. One can not deny the fact that this technology has come a long way since its introduction in the 1960s. It has become more accessible, more effective, and less expensive in modern-day and age. This has resulted in the implementation of these technologies in a vast majority of services and products. With the increase in the need for 3D scanning, one can easily find a variety of Large object 3D scanning services or 3D character scanning services as per the requirement.

Types of 3D scanning:

Those people who have no idea about the working of the 3D scanning may find it difficult to differentiate, but there is a variety of 3D scanning, each with its own working mechanism. Whether someone is looking for 3D scanning for VFX of cars, a building, or a small object, knowing the difference in the types of 3D scanning may provide with much more efficient and effective result. 3D scanning can be broadly classified into 5 types.

#1- Laser-based 3D scanning

As the name suggests, Laser-based 3D scanning uses lasers for the purpose of the scanning. Laser scanners operate by projecting a single or several laser lines onto an object and then recording its reflection using single or multiple sensors.

The sensors are placed at a certain distance from the laser’s source. The reflection angle of the laser light is then used to calculate accurate point measurements. Laser scanners are quite popular and available in a variety of styles. One of the most popular forms of laser-based 3D scanning is Lidar. It is great for Large object 3D scanning services and can also aid in 3D character scanning services and 3D scanning for VFX of cars and other random objects quickly and precisely. Furthermore, it can easily scan through the surface and is easy to use, and cost-effective.

#2- Structured light 3D scanning

In Structured light 3D scanning, the scanners project light patterns consisting of bars, blocks, and other shapes onto an object. The sensors then determine the edge of the object and then generate its 3D model. Structured light scanners can be tripod mounted or handheld and generate quick and accurate results in no time. It generates highly accurate images with high resolution, making it a perfect 3D scanning option.

#3- Long-range 3D scanners.

Long-range 3D scanners are perfect for Large object 3D scanning services. This type of scanning is classified into two types: pulse-based scanning and phase shift scanning. Long-range 3D scanners can be used to scan aircraft, buildings, military vehicles, and also for the 3D scanning for VFX of cars. Scanners gather millions of points in this mode by rotating 360 degrees while spinning a mirror that guides the laser outward towards the object or areas to be 3D scanned. Long-range 3D scanners can easily scan areas larger than 1000 sq. meters with good resolution and accuracy. Furthermore, these devices are easy to carry and have the capability to scan all types of objects.

#4- Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a popular 3D scanning approach that is both simple and effective. Instead of an active light source, this technique employs photos. It generates a 3D model using computer software and pictures obtained using cameras. The software recognizes pixels that relate to the same physical point and joins images accordingly.

#5- Contact scanning

Contact scanning is a method that involves physical contact with the surface that is being scanned. In this process, a probe is used, which moves all over the body of the object to collect the data and create a digital file depending on the data collected.

These are some of the broadly classified 3D scanning types that are still relevant and used in the modern day and age. The advancement of technology and increase in the knowledge of its application has led to its popularity. Nowadays, a lot of people are using these technologies for their personal projects and generating superb results. It has also given rise to many 3D character scanning services and other 3D scanning services that are filled with talent and can provide outstanding results.