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Mistakes To Avoid While Buying And Installing Window Drapery


When moving to a new home, one of the first things that come to mind is selecting the right window treatment that is functional and adds aesthetic appeal to your home’s interior. Unfortunately, many homeowners make some mistakes and end up choosing the wrong window treatment. Knowing such common mistakes will help you to avoid choosing custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas.

Specifying the wrong length and width

No matter how beautiful the drapery you have selected, if you fail to get the right size drapery, all efforts are wasted. The drapery appears perfect in its fullness. The fullness can be achieved when you choose window drapery with pleats, considering the width of the window. However, if you choose ready-made drapery, you may end up getting drapery that appears flat. You should choose custom drapery with the right width, ensuring the drapery is enough pleats to create fullness. Likewise, make sure the drapery is long enough so it can cover the window from its top to the floor. Draperies are always lengthier than the curtains.

Wrong fabric

Fabric is one of the key differences between drapery and curtain. Custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas are made of quite heavier fabric that ensures drapery stays in shape. The dense and heavier fabric creates a luxurious look, and it is the USP of the Drapery. The primary role of drapery is to add aesthetics and luxury to any space. Many homeowners consider both curtains and drapery the same. As a result, they end up buying the wrong fabric for the drapery. Remember, silk and velvet are the two most popular materials for drapery.

Not accessorizing your drapery to add style

Drapery is incomplete without having the right accessories or hardware. Hardware adds luxury to the drapery. You can add finials to the end of the drapery rod to create a statement. Moreover, you can add a set of tieback hooks that complement your window drapery. Explore the market, and talk to the window treatment experts to select the right accessories that enhance your window drapery.

Pleats not matching the décor

It is another common mistake homeowners make. Draperies come in different styles like inverted, pinch, rod pocket, and goblet pleats. While selecting any of these pleats, make sure you take a look at your room décor. Ensure the drapery pleats go well with the décor. Then only it makes sense.

Hanging the drapery directly

It is often done by the homeowners who are in a hurry to install the drapery. If you hang your drapery straight from the box, then it will lose its charm. Before hanging the drapery, you need to iron your drapery to clear all wrinkles. Then hang from the pole and set the pleats with your hand. Also, ensure the drapery is hung perfectly with fullness.

The final words

Drapery is an expensive investment, and this is why they must be chosen wisely considering all factors. Remember, the above mistakes can ruin the purpose of installing drapery. First of all, don’t commit such mistakes. Secondly, work with the reputed window treatment experts who have vast experience in offering custom draperies and other window treatment options in Calabasas.