Myths about Semi-Permanent Makeup

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You might have tired of applying makeup on a daily basis, you have a busy schedule, or you didn’t have the time to wear makeup. Here semi-permanent makeup comes into the picture. Semi-permanent makeup is trending now; hence it is the best alternative to makeup. With the help of semi-permanent makeup, you can save time and money buying makeup products.

You will look glamorous and feel confident with the help of semi-permanent makeup. You must go to a professional semi-permanent makeup artist in Bellevue to achieve the desired look. But with rising popularity, there are some questions that have been raised. In this blog, we will answer all the questions and clear all the myths that have been raised about semi-permanent makeup.

Here are Some Myths that People have About Semi-Permanent Makeup:

1. It’s Only for Women

This question is being heard a lot. Some people think that semi-permanent makeup treatments are only for women because of the terms like makeup and cosmetics. Semi-permanent makeup treatment also improves male characteristics dramatically and naturally. It can transform from light eyebrows redefining lip lines to hair loss. Among men, a discreet guy-liner is a popular treatment. It also helps in improving the vision naturally and subtly.

2. It’s the Same as Cosmetic Surgery.

When people talk about semi-permanent makeup treatment, they often misinterpret it, and some of them believe it is the same as a cosmetic procedure. In the beauty industry, cosmetic operations are a significant part, though cosmetic surgery and semi-permanent makeup treatment cannot be further apart.

Semi-permanent makeup treatment does not include anesthesia; it consists of a hygienic clinical composition. With the help of semi-permanent makeup, you will be able to change and improve your appearance, but it does not work like any surgical treatment. Semi-permanent makeup is less harmful.

3. It’s Just Like Tattooing

Semi-permanent makeup is known by many names, such as cosmetic tattooing, micro stroking, and micro-pigmentation. It happens when a pigment is put into your skin with the help of an instrument. You should do expensive research and make sure you choose the Best Semi Permanent Tattoo artist in Bellevue. You will get the desired results if you get an expert in this field.

4. It Hurts

Another myth about Semi-Permanent Makeup is that it hurts. You can rest assured that you will get pleasant and comfortable during the treatment process. Always go to a professional to eliminate any worries and get the best results. People have different pain thresholds, depending on a Semi-Permanent Makeup artist and how experienced he is. To minimize the pain, numbing cream is applied right away.

5. It’s Unnatural and Fake-Looking

In semi-permanent makeup treatment, professionals use the latest machinery, equipment, methods, and pigment selections to create natural results. Artists use specialized hair stroke techniques to create naturally full or defined eyebrows. After the treatment on lips, the color may be pretty dark, but as it heals, the color starts fading. Thus it creates a perfect enhanced natural look. Lastly, an eyeliner semi-permanent tattoo outlines a thin line that makes your eyes more attractive.

6. It’s for Young People

Most mature people think that only young people care about maintaining their looks. Thus, they look forward to semi-permanent makeup treatment. But it’s not like that. Whether you are young or aged, you can go for the ideal semi-permanent makeup for you. Various experts adapt the specific method to your skin and work accordingly to give you desired results.

7. It’s for People Who Have Specific Concerns

You don’t need a medical condition to have semi-permanent makeup treatment. Whether your reason is to say it is cosmetic or not, you can go for the semi-permanent makeup treatment. Maybe you don’t want to invest time in getting ready in the morning, or you want to improve your natural characteristics. Whatever the reason you have to get semi-permanent makeup treatment, it will suit you as long as you want.

The Bottom line

To sum up, We have cleared all of the myths that you had in your mind about semi-permanent makeup treatment. Semi-permanent makeup is the best alternative to your daily makeup. If you are looking for the best hairline tattoo artist in Bellevue, then get in touch with Eva Jewel Beauty. They have years of experience in offering semi-permanent and permanent makeup. With them, you can get the desired results.