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Moving is an exciting yet challenging experience. Finding and obtaining a new home requires a lot of hard work, but the actual moving procedure can rapidly drive you into crisis mode if you are not fully prepared. Therefore, it is required to find a reliable packing and unpacking service near you.

However, having an understanding of packing and moving and its solutions is also necessary before taking house packing and moving services. Expert organizers and movers can advise on how to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

For all those who are looking to know about the perfect solutions for basic house packing and moving, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading the blog for basic queries about moving and packing services.

What happens if I schedule moving and packing services at the last minute?

If you wait until the last minute to hire a moving company, the chances are that your preferred options may have already been taken. As a result, people are forced to hire moving companies with a questionable reputation.


It’s important to schedule your moving date as early as possible so that you can hire a trustworthy packing service for moving in Seattle. To find a good moving company, look at their online reviews.

Inquire about referral discounts if they offer them. Generally, moving companies offer some form of incentive to keep their customers coming to them when they look for moving services next time.

What should I do if I require specific packing?

Many people are unaware that some possessions require particular attention. Televisions with flat screens, paintings, mirrors, crockery, computer screens, lamps, chandeliers, and other furniture require extra time and consideration. Most of these items must be disassembled before being relocated, while others must be packed according to particular guidelines in order to avoid damage.


Start gathering the materials you’ll need to wrap your fragile items as early as possible. This includes the sturdy packaging in which your things were shipped in the first place. Also, remember how things got to a new place because that’s how they’ll need to leave (if required to shift again).

A few weeks before your move, provide your movers with a thorough list of all your items that require special packaging or handling. They’ll be able to create a place in the moving vehicle for these items and schedule enough time to help you pack and move them.

What if the new place imposed time limits on service entrances?

Downsizing your stuff is an important part of the packing process. If overlooked, it will surely make the overall moving more challenging.

However, below are the consequences you’ll face if you don’t purge before moving.

You’ll spend money transporting goods. This way, you eventually trash out at your new home,

You’ll lose valuable time trying to get rid of items while the packers assist you in moving things.

The Answer is:

“You should decide early what items you want to pack or what you need to remove.” Furthermore, getting rid of those items prior to the move speeds up the move-in process because you won’t have to waste time organizing your belongings in your new home.

What if my belongings don’t fit in a new place?

If certain items do not fit in elevators, stairwells, or even in your apartment with other stuff, the packers make their pricing accordingly to transport them to the garbage unless you can come up with another solution. To make matters worse, most buildings do not allow bulky objects such as furniture to be thrown away. Putting bulky objects out on the street can result in a ticket.

The Answer is:

Make a floor layout for the new room and determine where each piece will be placed. Measure your furniture while keeping in mind the square footage, ceiling height, window height, and exact arrangement of each room in your future home.

Finally, having a moving partner with experience will save you time and effort. Also, this will help you protect your back by reducing the amount of heavy lifting you have to do on your own. Therefore hire a reputed packing and unpacking service near you that has been serving the community for many years.