The Best Mixed Breed Dogs You Can Find in Canada


If someone told you their family dog was a cockapoo a number of years ago, you’d probably say, “A cocka what?” However, in recent years, these “designer dogs” have grown in popularity among those looking for a companion that is a little bit different from every other Labrador retriever and Chihuahua in the dog park. Designer dogs are actually mixed-breed hybrid dogs that ideally (but not usually) acquire the best characteristics of their two purebred parents.

According to veterinarians, combining two breeds can result in offspring who are healthier than their parents, because the puppies are less likely to develop the numerous health issues that arise as a result of generations of breeding purebreds.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize them, but lovers of these trendy new dogs have formed a slew of organizations and clubs dedicated to their favorite designer canines. Designer dogs are becoming so popular such that there are pet friendly hotels in British Columbia, especially for these show dogs.

Do you want to acquire a new puppy and you’re leaning toward the Schnauzer poodle mix breed? Continue reading to learn about this and other popular mixed breeds.

Schnoodle (A Schnauzer crossed with a toy poodle)

The schnoodle is a smart, lively, and entertaining lap dog, family dog, therapy dog, and performance dog. Most of them are little, however a regular poodle and a gigantic schnauzer can create schnoodles weighing up to 75 pounds (and the smaller versions can be as tiny as 6 pounds). Many dogs have the eagerness to please of a poodle and the energy and sturdiness of a schnauzer. And, because of the cross breeding, schnoodle dog breed health is better than most. Larger types are excellent jogging buddies, while smaller varieties can be cuddled all day. They are incredibly bright and protective to their family, which makes them great candidates for schnoodle dog therapy in Canada.

Goldendoodle (A golden retriever crossed with a poodle)

The goldendoodle, like the labradoodle, is an excellent family dog. They’ve also proven to be effective in a variety of job environments, including guide dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and scent dogs. They’re a newcomer to the hybrid scene, but they’re sweet and delicate. They’re easy to teach and ideal for first-time dog owners. They are light shedders, like other poodle crosses, and may be a good alternative for allergy sufferers. They can weigh anywhere from 15 to 90 pounds, depending on the poodle cross.

Labradoodle (A Labrador retriever crossed with a poodle)

Labradoodles have a lower-shedding coat than labs, making them less likely to bother people with allergies, however no dog is entirely hypoallergenic. Their coat, which is medium in length, can be wavy, straight, or woolly. They are known to live for about 13 years. They enjoy being near water, and are friendly, active, and ideal for families. Their intelligence and easy-to-train traits also back this cause. Their sizes vary according to the size of the poodle cross. Miniatures can weigh between 15 and 25 pounds, mediums between 30 and 45 pounds, and larges between 50 and 65 pounds.

Aussiedoodle (An Australian Shepherd crossed with a Poodle)

Incredibly smart, loyal, and playful, these “Einstein” dogs are excellent family dogs, and fit easily into homes that that can offer plenty exercise and attention. They are also used for therapy, as they are known to bond easily with humans. They can learn tricks easily and due to the awesome characteristics of their different parent breeds, are highly rated crossbreeds.

Cockapoo (A cocker spaniel crossed with a toy/teacup/miniature poodle)

Cockapoos, known as the original “designer dog,” first appeared in the 1960s. Intelligent and trainable, they are known to be friendly and people-oriented. They are also low shedders who are quite affectionate and ideal for company and, as a result, are very convenient lap dogs. Depending on the poodle cross, they can live 12-15 years and weigh anywhere from 6 to 19 pounds. This cross combines the poodle’s people orientation with the cocker spaniel’s charming and calm disposition.


There are not many cross breeders in Australia, but it is not rare to get your beloved schnauzer poodle breed mix in British Columbia, maybe for schnoodle dog therapy in Canada. And, remember, check out pet friendly hotels in British Columbia, or any part of Canada, should you wish to take your pet for some swell time.

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