Things You Need To Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Professional carpet cleaning services in DeKalb County are happy to walk you through the carpet cleaning methods they utilize. Here you will determine which carpet cleaning method is better for you and why.

Various Cleaning Methods used by Professionals Cleaners

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes steam carpet cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction process. In this method, hot water is used to scour the carpet. The hot water gushes into your carpet with high pressure. The pressurized water helps shake the carpet fibers and remove deeply ingrained dirt and mud.

A vacuum process is then used to draw out the water used to clean the carpet. You will have to leave your carpet to dry for a few hours when used at the office/home. The drying process can take four to six hours, which depends on the carpet’s fabric and room temperature.

This process is usually recognized as the most effective for several reasons. Steam cleaning leaves your carpet feeling softer and fresher due to the hot water. It is also useful for people with allergies as it helps eliminate the grime and allergens without applying chemicals.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning is much similar to the steam cleaning technique. The main difference is the cleaning materials used and the time spent. For deep cleansing, professional carpet cleaning technicians use eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

They apply cleaning solutions to their steam cleaning machine, and the whole process is done two or three times until all dust comes out of the carpet.

This cleaning process is mainly applied to clean extremely dirty carpets. It might take some time to dry completely, so you must be prepared to leave the living/working space.

Absorbent Compound

This carpet cleaning is generally called “dry carpet cleaning.” Dry carpet cleaning involves using an absorbent compound that helps in removing dirt and other harmful substances in your carpet.

This cleaning technique uses a mechanical brush to distribute absorbent compounds and dislocate dirty fibers.

The absorbent compound carpet cleaning process is perfect for those who need a deep clean but want to avoid wet carpets altogether.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Bonnet Carpet cleaning process uses a specific motor-powered device with an absorbent pad. Initially, the cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. For soaking the moisture and dirt, the carpet cleaning company in DeKalb County uses an absorbent pad on the machine.

This cleaning process is used only for cleaning the carpet’s surface. It works for places like restaurants, hotels, and corporate offices. Many commercial-grade carpets have a dense, non-fleecy pile cleaned thoroughly by the bonnet carpet cleaning process. For large areas, it is a quick and effective cleaning technique. It will help keep your carpet looking sparkly fresh when done perfectly by the professionals.