Throw Pillows for Bed Decorating: Everything You Need to Know

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If your partner has ever complained about how many pillows are on the bed or couch, you know that pillows can be a funny source of disagreement in any relationship. Even if you’re the one choosing how to decorate, it can get pretty heated—just between you and the pillows!

But throw pillows are often the last thing a room needs to look complete. They make things look more interesting and can help a color scheme flow. They don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a room look better. So it’s worth the time to learn more about how to choose throw pillows for bed decor.

How many pillows is enough? Should you have an even amount of Luxury Pillow Covers for Sale? How do you decide what shapes, sizes, and colors to choose? Read on for some expert advice about pillows for your bedroom. Soon, you’ll be able to arrange even a king-size bed’s pillows with ease.

Size of Throw Pillows

Most standard throw pillows are 18 inches square, while most extra-large pillows are 24 inches square. But a pillow that is even bigger than usual is a great way to make a statement without having too many pillows on the bed. Another great way to fill a space is with a lumbar pillow. Try a standard 12-by-18-inch lumbar pillow, or go bigger with a 16-by-36-inch pillow.

How Many Pillows?

In most modern pillow arrangements, an odd number of pillows look best. Choose between 3 and 5 pillows for an artistic look that is pleasing to the eye but not too rigidly put together. For a more classic look when decorating a couch, Buy Moroccan Antiques for each side, for a total of four pillows.

Picking a color scheme for a bedroom

Most of the time, its fun to pick out a color scheme for your pillows. Now that you know how many pillows to get and what sizes to choose, you can choose a fun, bold color scheme or a more neutral color scheme for a calming effect.

Choose colors that show who you are. You’ll find it easier to choose a color scheme if you pick one pillow with a pattern and use the colors from that pillow as inspiration for the rest of your choices.

Patterns, Solids, and Patterns

Should you get Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with prints or solid colors? And what about adding pillows with different textures? The answer depends on how you want to look altogether. A bohemian or eclectic style could have a mix of prints, solids, and different textures. For a trendy look, look for pillows with fringe, weave, or fur. Or, if you want to go for a more traditional look, choose solid pillows in one or two colors.

What to do and not do with throw pillows

Modern throw pillows can change the look and feel of your room without breaking the bank, just like paint or area rugs. Think of them like jewelry: you can change them up for a new look at any time, and when they’re in use, they add that extra something to what you already have, which is the furniture. Most pillows aren’t too expensive, so it’s easy to buy a lot of them. However, if you want your room to feel finished, keep these tips in mind.

Size matters! Think about how big the pillows are compared to the size and shape of the furniture they’re going on. If they’re too big, they make it hard to sit down on the couch because there’s not much seat cushion left. Most pillows are 18 inches square, which is a good size for most situations. If you want to feel cozier, choose 20- or 24-inch pillows. Most of the time, 16-inch pillows are the best choice for ultramodern, low-back furniture.

The texture is a great way to make a simple piece of furniture look more interesting. Most people buy sofas, chairs, and other large pieces of furniture in neutral colors or simple patterns. By adding texture to minimalist pieces, you can make an otherwise boring look more interesting.

Adding colorful pillows is another great way to make a simple sofa or chair look better. Whether you use one solid color or more than one, the effect can be very happy and can change the way the space looks and feels. If you don’t know what colors to choose, look at the artwork in the room and use the colors there as a guide.