TrackoBit welcomes you to Expo Seguridad 2023

TrackoBit is honoured to be one of the exhibitors at the Expo Seguridad in Mexico 2023. We bring in years of experience in promoting safety using geospatial technology. Our team has been developing innovative methods to eradicate operational challenges for businesses operating in the last-mile industry.


Expo Seguridad in Mexico is the pioneer of exchanging knowledge and ideas for innovation. Over its 20+ years of history, this expo has become a way for companies from several industries to reinvent safety and what it stands for. Objectively, safety can mean a lot of things. In the fleet management space itself, this term can refer to the security of a vehicle, or driver, of resources. The safety of a business’s productivity holds the same amount of importance as protecting its physical assets.


This idea makes TrackoBit a suitable exhibitor for the Expo Seguridad 2023. Our software promotes security via data analysis. Businesses can work to make theory operations safe on;y if they know where their operations are lacking. With the help of driver behaviour analysis, managers can see if their driving practices are harming their safety in any way. Live tracking also eliminates the risk of theft. 


Solutions that TrackoBit, TrackoField, and TrackoMile offer can help businesses ensure that their resources are safe at all times with no need for any kind of discrepancy or report manipulation for personal gain. Safety can also be interpreted as the security of a company’s expenditure. The system allows managers to regulate their budget and reduce operational costs like fuel expenditure or travelling costs.