What Are the Ground School Subjects Taught in an Aviation Pilot Shop?


An aviation pilot shop is a place where you can learn everything about flights and become a pro soon. If you want to become a pilot, there is no other way to get the certification than getting training from a responsible flight training institute. This is because a training institute starts from the basic courses and gradually shifts to the advanced ones, thereby honing your skills to the optimum level.

The ground school training is the essential and basic training without which the instructors cannot go further. The common ground school training subjects implemented by the aviation pilot shops in West Palm Beach, FL, are explained hereunder,

  • Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight

It is important to get a theoretical understanding of the flights before you proceed to the practical experience. That is why the ground school training is offered with this basic training aspect. The flight principles are also taught in the ground school training. For instance, how to land, take off, host the route, and everything else essential for the flight training.

  • Aviation Law and Operational Procedures

 Aviation law is very important to know for the pilots, and without this, you will face awful consequences on the flight. Aviation law covers the demands and characteristics of the aviation field that are governed by the state. The insights of these laws are given in the aviation institutes for training courses.

  •  Flight Performance and Planning

 Flight performance and planning is another important aspect covered in the ground school training. It is also essential as without knowing the flight performance and planning the flight, you cannot consider a safe flight at all.

  •  Navigation and Radio Aids

 The ground school training also involves navigation and radio aids training because, with this, the training cannot be completed. The pilot always needs to be connected with the ground staff or other aviation companies to know the weather conditions, the intrusions in the route, etc., and thereby plan your flight. These techniques are taught in the pilot shops with both theoretical and practical training.

There are plenty of other things offered in the ground school training in the Aviation Pilot Shop in West Palm Beach. Get the right training and fly with your aspirations!