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What is the Difference between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?


Cleaning is a necessity in modern society. Not only does it keeps your surrounding clean but is also a great way to stay away from any health-related issues. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, Cleaning has become an essential aspect. Though both cleaning services have the same goal, the way they are achieved is a bit different. Let us understand them in detail. 

What is commercial cleaning?

As the name suggests, the cleaning that is done at commercial places can be termed commercial cleaning. Commercial cleaning services in Colorado Springs or anywhere else consist of professionals who are trained in providing spotless cleaning to commercial buildings such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, theatres, malls, and so on. Commercial cleaning services in Colorado Springs or anywhere else are done on a contract basis. They are generally hired by business owners, organizations, or any company to perform cleaning services regularly in a larger area.

Commercial cleaning service personnel have a group of tasks that they perform on a daily basis. The tasks include collecting garbage from bins, cleaning public toilets, mirrors, floors, and almost each and every corner of the buildings. All this requires a larger working force. However, thanks to their work, individuals can have a worry-free outing with their friends and family in various public places.

What is residential cleaning?

Residential cleaning is all about cleaning a place where an individual may reside alone or with their family or friends. As compared to Commercial cleaning, residential cleaning is done on a smaller scale, either by a group of people or individually. One can search for “Professional Residential Cleaning Services near Me” over the internet and find the best residential cleaning service out there. 

Professional residential cleaning services are generally opted by individuals for their homes. The professional cleaners make sure that a thorough cleaning has been provided and that none of your possessions are misplaced or damaged throughout the process. Just like the workers in commercial cleaning service clear each and every corner of the commercial building, residential cleaning services clean all the corners of the residential building. 

The difference between the commercial and residential cleaning

As mentioned earlier, though the ultimate goal of both residential and commercial cleaning services is to clean, there are two major differences between them.

#1- Area of coverage

There is a significant difference in the scale on which the cleaning service is done in commercial cleaning services as compared to residential cleaning services. Commercial buildings are generally bigger in size and require a larger group of people for conducting cleaning services. Whereas, residential building cleaning can be done with much lesser people and in some cases, an individual is enough for providing the cleaning service.

#2- Cleaning supplies and equipment

Well, it goes without saying, the equipment that is used in commercial cleaning is much different from that of residential cleaning as the scale of cleaning and the space differ. Bigger equipment that might be of great help in commercial cleaning can be a hindrance in residential cleaning due to the difference in size.


The above pointers provide a better understanding of both cleaning services. Just Google “Professional Residential Cleaning Services near Me” or “Professional Commercial Cleaning Services near Me” and find a firm that can enhance your surroundings.