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What is The Frequency of Cleaning Your Carpet?

Frequency of Cleaning Your Carpet
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Alike others, flooring options never last forever. Well, how do you come to know when is the right time for replacing the carpet? There are certain factors which will indicate you about the appropriate time. Look for the age of carpet, its level of wearing down, smells, stains and tears. Even consider the factor of increased allergies and think about investing in the new carpet.

In case of unsure, continue reading this blog to know the signs to replace the carpet at right time.

Age of your carpet

Nowadays, a carpet can survive anywhere from 5-15 years. The time length of lifespan of the carpet is reliable on its condition, type and cushion type. Also the materials it exposes to matters a lot to its longevity. For instance, a carpet in the high traffic area needs quick replacement than that of the one in low traffic area.

In fact, quiet lifestyle doesn’t need to worry much about the carpet. But if you have pets and kids then you have to definitely think of carpet replacement. Although there is no way to check if the age has come to replace the carpet but physical indicators can help you a lot.

Do you want to increase carpet’s lifespan? Then, clean the carpet professionally once in 2 years on the basis of your lifestyle. Also, you must vacuum it and take care of it properly to ensure its longevity. Only proper maintenance can validate the carpet warranty.

If your existing piece is about 20 years old then it is the right time to opt for a replacement. By this way you can promote the quality of indoor air and comfort of living simultaneously.

Wear, damage and tears

Carpet cushions can wear out for numerous reasons. Soon, it appears wrinkles, damages and tears. While you can repair small tears but the larger ones are beyond repairs. Carpets in the heavy traffic areas get dull by its appearance. No matter how much bold and vibrant the colour of your carpet is once you have to consider its replacement.

Carpet faces towards doorways always face first sign of wearing. It becomes fade over time. Soon, you will find that your beautiful carpet has worn out. While it is not the only option to invest in new carpet but you should also look for other signs of replacement.

Certain high traffic areas such as playrooms, stairways, hallways and entryways show matting down signs. Matted carpets appear flatter than usual. You have to really work hard to restore its original appearance. Sometimes, it just can be the only sign to invest in a new one.

Apart from the carpet fibres, the underlying carpet cushion can wear out too. Wrinkles are key indicator that you need a new one. Uneven carpet results from worn-out padding. Sometimes you will experience ruggedness on the carpet at some areas which indicate the right time has arrived for replacement.

Smells and stains

Smell and stains is the main culprit of replacing the carpet frequently. If you have pets of kids in the home then you have to pay extra attention for messes, smells and stains. Otherwise, they will cause irreversible damage to the carpet.

Many carpets are easy to clean but bathroom and red wine stains don’t come off easily. While shifting the furniture to hide them you can’t brush off the badly stained areas. Also, with the help of professional cleaning you can keep the stains at bay but sometimes it fails too for stains like bleach or mustard.

Stains can lead to lingering odour as soon as it seeps deep down into carpet cushion and fibres. Such unpleasant odours will last for long. In fact, you have to think of new carpet because of mildew and mould infestation. This is so; because you cannot find any effective way to deal with them.

Respiratory issues and allergic problems

Old carpet easily subjects to dirt, mildew and mould. Soon, it becomes the significant cause of allergic conditions like stuffy nose, sneezing and coughing. You can also face respiratory problems due to new carpet. However, those allergic symptoms are indications that you need to replace your old carpet.

With the increasing severity you must get a new carpet immediately. It is always better to keep the problems at verge by getting a new piece for your flooring.

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