What to Know Before Installing a Commercial Backup Power System

Kohler Whole House Generator Treasure Valley

Power outage is something that every business owner should fear as it can cost your productivity and profits. You need to always ensure your company stays running well to prevent any impact from less or no power. One way to make certain of this is by hiring commercial backup power systems in Treasure Valley.

Backup power systems may have a diesel or natural gas configuration, and so, will require constant power for day-to-day business activities. Whenever there is an energy loss due to a power outage from natural disasters, you can trust your generator to do a great job. However, because installing a Kohler whole house generator in Treasure Valley is not a simple task, you need to take note of the following points.

1. Size and Requirements

Commercial backup generators come in various ratings and with such a range of options, you need to choose the right size for your business. When getting a generator, you don’t want to undersize the generator for producing too much power because you could waste money on power generation that may not be useful.

Whatever the size or function, all kinds of generators generate heat. This heat can build up quickly within the system and if not well regulated it can increase the risk of damage. A lot of issues can occur, however, it is possible to reduce this heat through an air-cooled backup power system in Treasure Valley.

This cooling system reduces the risk of any damage to the generator, and ultimately reduces any form of frustration or the need for repairs. When considering other decisions, you may want to consult with a generator expert to get the best advice on what size of generator you need for your business.

2. Fuel Source

The two most common fuel sources for commercial backup power systems in Treasure Valley are diesel and natural gas. Because each has advantages and disadvantages, neither is inherently better than the other. You must make a decision based on your company’s needs and the availability of fuel for the generator.

Natural Gas Generators

This is one major generator choice in urban environments because they produce less noise and the fuel burns cleaner than other generators. They can also connect to local natural gas lines, which means you won’t need to store extra fuel. However, because they have spark ignitions, they require more frequent maintenance.

Diesel Generators

Another commonly installed generator available in the market is the diesel generator for emergency backup power. These models require less overall maintenance, which makes it easier to save money in the long run. The disadvantage of diesel generators is how the capacity of their fuel tanks restricts their maximum operation time.

The Importance of Backup Power Generators For Business Purposes

As earlier stated, losing power in any business can bring a lot of operations to a halt. It could also create unsafe working environments for employees, which can lead to loss of business and profits.

It does not matter the kind of business you are running, you can still run into any issues if the power goes out. For this reason, getting a Kohler whole house generator in Treasure Valley is essential for commercial purposes.

Power outages can occur as a result of natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. Some of the causes of these outages include power grid failure, transformer malfunctions, utility pole accidents, and even something as small as a friendly neighborhood squirrel.

These disruptions are capable of lasting for a few days or a very long time. Therefore, you may want to get a short or long-term power supply for your businesses to keep the facilities running. Spending a lot of time in your business without power can lead to fewer profits, and if you work in places like hospitals and nursing homes, it could be a life and death situation.

You need to install a backup generator to keep the basics of your facility running well and make power outages a nuisance rather than a setback in your business productivity.


Long-term blackouts from no power source can be a major source of financial loss to you and the occupants of commercial facilities. It’s therefore essential to prepare ahead of time for a means of providing a constant flow of electricity that will allow activities of an event. If you are not sure of the type of generator that suits your situation, you need to contact a professional company to put you through the process.