Why and How to Purchase Affordable Sterling Silver Rings For Women?


What is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver refers to the quality of silver jewelry. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper that makes the jewelry pieces sturdy and durable. The 7.5% alloy may be copper, zinc or sometimes Nickel.

Why Sterling Silver?

Pure silver is soft, and it becomes quite difficult for jewelers and craftsmen to shape them into elegant and delicate shapes. Besides the softness makes it more vulnerable to damage and getting misshaped.

Sterling silver on the other hand is hard and more durable. It is used for various purposes like making exquisite jewelry pieces, silverware, coffee sets, plates, platters, and even silver plated items.

Besides this, they are more affordable than pure silver and are the most popular choice of budget-savvy buyers who cannot afford pure silver. The definite way to distinguish sterling silver jewelry pieces from pure silver is the special stamps that feature .925 quality mark or 92.5 or 925 or simply ss inscribed in the interior side of the jewelry pieces.

Buying sterling silver jewelry pieces online is attributed to the following reasons:

  • Looks as beautiful and elegant as Fine/Pure Silver jewelry
  • More affordable
  • More Durable
  • Sterling silver jewelry pieces Available in various designs
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Better choice for jewelry making
  • Increasing value makes it suitable for personal collection

Buying Affordable Sterling Silver Rings: Factors to Consider

Rings are available in online jewelry stores in various shapes and sizes that can make it quite difficult for buyers to choose. How can you know which style suits your preferences. Whether you want to buy sterling silver rings for gift to your daughter or fiancé or for personal collection, you must choose a reputed online jewelry store for rings purchase.

You can check out your lifestyle and what you prefer to wear. Do you desire to get rings that match your stylish outfit? You can choose gold plated waterproof heart to heart ring or can go for blissful pearl adjustable ring. You should remember that you can stack rings and must consider stackability when you buy ring online that will enhance your looks and give it a bling.

Consider these factors when shopping for sterling silver rings online and you are most likely to get maximum value on your purchase.

  • Sterling Silver Quality

Whether it is online or offline purchase, quality of sterling silver rings is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Make sure that rings are made with 92.5% or higher sterling silver. Check out the stamp and insist on getting quality certificate for your jewelry.

  • Consider the Design

Besides the quality, check out the design or shape and size of ring. View the product, go through the description and read the reviews to get a fair idea of the quality of the ring. Assess your style preferences and choose one that matches your taste and preferences.

  • Check out the price:

What is your budget and how do you ensure that get original and genuine sterling silver rings or other jewelry products? Before you visit an online store, do you due diligence to find out the latest price of sterling silver in your city. Check out whether you are offered fair discounts and go through clients’ testimonials to find out their quality and delivery service. check out the source from where they procure the sterling silver jewelry pieces.

  • Look for hallmarks:

Check out the hallmark or stamp for originality of sterling silver jewelry pieces. You may need to closely observe your jewelry pieces and use a magnifying tool to find out the hallmark all over the metal. Find out whether it contains ‘925’ or ‘STERLING’ or .925 inscribed on it in the interior surface that will help you be assured of the metal’s quality.

  • Check its authenticity:

Do you know you can easily test the authenticity of affordable sterling silver rings for women and men through physical testing?  Get a magnet and hold it close to the sterling silver ring. If your jewelry piece attracts the magnet, then it means that your piece is not genuine. If your jewelry piece doesn’t attract magnet, it is genuine.

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