Why Should You Encourage Your Kid To Read Rhyming Books?

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You may have found hundreds of articles over the internet explaining why reading books benefits people of all age groups, especially children. But reading rhyming books benefits children more by helping them become successful in improving their reading, writing, memory power, and communication skills. Here are some benefits of reading rhyming books.

Rhyming improves memory power

Rhyming books have patterns that help children to improve their memory and recalling powers. When kids read rhyming poetry, their minds easily process the patterns used in the poetry. The rhyming creates sound patterns that encourage you to predict what is next. When you read one line of the poetry, your mind subtly sets you up for the rhyming pattern of the next line.

Every line of the poetry can start and end with words that sound similar. That’s why the mind can easily recall the words in the very next line you are supposed to read. This is one of the reasons why parents buy rhyming educational tree books for kids.

Early literacy skills

The literacy skills start with listening, verbalizing, and reading. A study has shown that good rhymers are likely to become good readers. Rhyming books give your children a unique experience with literature, allowing them an early exposure to phonetics and word construction. For instance, children tend to detect the word “at” after reading the line “Cat in the hat on the mat”. In this line, “at” is a common denominator. Understanding this common denominator helps children develop their literacy skills. Stories written in rhyme help our kids develop listening skills, enhance their vocabulary, create love for words, and increase phonetic awareness, etc.

Promotes language development

Rhyming stories help our children develop a command over language in different ways. When they listen and read rhyming books, they read and hear how vowels and consonants work. Rhyme shows how to combine words to form a similar-sounding pattern. Moreover, stories are written in rhyme to expose children to different words, which also expand their vocabulary.
It’s great to learn how rhyming books benefits children and make their life better. But for many parents, encouraging their kids to read is a very challenging task.

Here are some tips to help your child start loving reading books.

• Read the books with your children for at least 30 minutes-

Children tend to mimic what they see around them. If you’re a frequent user of a smart device, your child will see this and emulate you. Similarly if you make time to read, your child will follow your lead developing a deep interest in reading.

• Keep a variety of reading materials at home-

Ensure your child never runs out of good books to read. Buy kangaroo tree books for kids before they finish reading the current book to keep them occupied and challenged.

• Restrict television time-

This one we all know and will lead to more reading time.

• Explain to them the benefits of reading-

A child should know why reading is important and how it can benefit them in the future. It will encourage your child in developing a love for reading.

• Offer them different genre books-

Different genres help in overall reading development no matter whether it is fiction, non-fiction, mystery, fantasy, autobiographies etc. reading is a must. Every genre has something interesting to offer, so fill your child’s room with different types of books. This will maintain their interest in reading for years to come.

• Bring your kid to the book store once a month-

This will allow your child to choose books on his or her own, it will also help you see what they like and adjust your book buying habits for them.


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