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Why You Should Buy Wildlife Art?

Beautiful Wildlife Paintings WA

In Dante Alighieri’s words; “Nature is the art of God”

Man has always been intrigued by nature; and we have been capturing its essence through different media for eons. Prehistoric humans made carvings on wood, stone and made paintings in caves. Even with crude materials and techniques, prehistoric artists produced beautiful and intricate art. While ome did it for religious purposes, others did it for the appreciation of art. Picture this blog as a guide to wildlife art and its importance. Let’s begin.

Why should you buy art?

Art evokes emotions

Beautiful wildlife paintings in WA has incredible benefits for mental health and can provoke powerful emotions. Several studies have shown that viewing art can stimulate the brain to release dopamine, a pleasure hormone that can improve mood and reduce anxiety. This in turn, can improve health, reduce stress levels and boost productivity. It is common for people to develop emotional connections with art.

Linda Cassella wildlife art for sale in WA also inspires and develops your analytical mind- You can find various genres and media of art that provoke thought and interpretation. Art allows you to focus on the big picture while paying attention to the details. All this makes art an indispensable tool for learning and sharpening the mind.

It reminds us of the beauty of nature

Nature is filled with wonderful creatures big and small. Most of us are caught up in our everyday lives that we don’t get to appreciate the little things. Have you ever watched a documentary and be like, ” I wish I could see these beautiful creatures in real life”. The next best thing you can do is to buy art. When you purchase wildlife art for sale, WA, and hang it in your home or office, you get a daily reminder of all the wonders around us. This will undoubtedly make you appreciate nature even more.

Great for home decor

Art is a gfantastic addition to homes, offices, and organizations because of how it affects the mind. You can use art to improve productivity, tranquility, energy, etc. For instance, you can buy a beautiful wildlife painting in Wa of a horse beside a still brook to evoke tranquility or a sense of calm. An office space, on the other hand, can have a painting that enhances creativity and increase productivity.

Art is a great gift

Art is a valuable gift you can give to a friend or loved one. As we mentioned earlier, art evokes emotions. Unlike most types of gifts, art conveys a message, and the effects will be more pronounced if your loved one resonates with the artwork. You could gift him or her an artwork of his favorite spirit animal, commissioned portrait, or a painting of his pet. A loved one would appreciate you more with a meaningful gift.

Investment Purposes

Wildlife art makes for great investment. Traditionally, the older the artwork, the more the value. Hence, art can be used to diversify your portfolio and preserve wealth. You can buy limited edition prints if you cannot afford original works. Note that most collectors and enthusiasts do not buy art with this in mind- They do it for love and passion. If you have little experience and want to buy art as an investment, you should do thorough research before investing.

Art reminds us of the fragility of nature

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and intriguing, wildlife art is a powerful medium for expression and conveying impactful messages. Wildlife art reminds us of the impact of climate change and illegal poaching. Animals like the gentle elephant, pangolin, and leopard are poached constantly for their ivory, scales, teeth, and skin.

In fact, studies show that at least 30 Elephants are killed each day, which amounts to over 10,000 every year- these statistics are for elephants. Then there are Tigers, Leopards, Rhinos, Pangolins, Gorilla and Vaquitas and much more. In many ways, art can help us preserve our wildlife and natural resources. Wildlife art gives artists a powerful medium to bring awareness to illegal poaching, climate change, pollution, trafficking, and much more.

They say art speaks a thousand words, but as a weapon against illegal poaching, the message is clear.